Monat: Februar 2023

Februar 23, 2023

NBA Top Shot NFTs Ruled ‚Plausibly‘ Securities in Court Suit

• Judge Victor Marrero has ruled that NBA Top Shot NFTs are likely securities in a case against Dapper Labs. • The ruling cites the Howey Test, which is a Supreme Court ruling used to determine if a transaction constitutes an investment contract. • Dapper Labs has asserted that Flow, its blockchain powering NBA Top […]

Februar 15, 2023

Blur Plummets 84% Following 360M Token Airdrop!

• BLUR’s native token, BLUR, saw a sharp decline of over 84% after its 360 million token airdrop distribution went live. • Early adopters such as traders, care package holders, and creators were able to claim up to 86% of the airdrops. • The total supply of Blur tokens is 3 billion with 51% allocated […]

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