Mai 20, 2023

Accept USDT Now: Tether and KriptonMarket Partnership Brings Crypto Adoption to Argentina

• The DOJ has charged a Nevada man for his involvement in a $45M CoinDeal crypto scheme.
• Treasury sanctions Huriya CEO’s Tether address over Russia connections.
• Worldcoin faces privacy concerns as iris scan black market emerges for biometric verification.

DOJ Charges Nevada Man Involved in Crypto Scheme

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has charged a Nevada man for his involvement in a $45 million CoinDeal cryptocurrency scheme, involving the sale and distribution of unregistered securities. The individual was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering, along with three counts of wire fraud related to the scheme.

Treasury Sanctions Tether Address

The U.S Treasury Department has sanctioned the Tether address belonging to the CEO of Huriya, an online payment platform, over alleged connections to Russia’s energy sector. The sanction effectively freezes any funds present at the address and prevents its use for further transactions or transfers outside United States jurisdiction.

Worldcoin Privacy Concerns

Worldcoin has faced growing privacy concerns after news emerged that a black market had developed around iris scans used for biometric verification purposes. This trend is particularly concerning because it could lead to misuse of personal data and potentially even identity theft if this information ends up in malicious hands.

Cardano’s Hoskinson Calls Ethereum Classic „Scam“

Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson recently called out Ethereum Classic as being a „scam“ after Ergo’s exclusion from the proof-of-work summit due to their support for ETC mining pools which are allegedly linked to 51% attacks on other blockchain networks . Hoskinson believes that ETC should not be considered safe or reliable until its network is secured against these types of malicious activities by implementing stronger security protocols such as checkpointing or Griefing attack protection mechanisms like those seen on Cardano’s protocol layer Ouroboros BFT consensus engine .

Tether-KriptonMarket Partnership Allows Argentinian Businesses To Accept USDT

Tether has entered into a partnership with KriptonMarket, a fiat on and off-ramp solution, allowing local businesses in Argentina to accept payments in USDT stablecoins which can help them pay their bills and part of their employee salaries during times when inflation rates are sky high at 104%. This partnership will bring USDT acceptance to the Central Market of Buenos Aires which consists 900 wholesale merchants and 50 retailers who can benefit from this new payment option offered by Tether and KriptonMarket

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