Mai 28, 2023

Ben.eth Vows to Refund Victims After Steve Aoki Hack Costs $170k

• Ben.eth, the founder of $PSYOP, promised to refund victims who lost Ethereum due to a phishing scam he inadvertently quote-tweeted.
• The scam was perpetrated using a fake airdrop link for the $PSYOP memecoin and resulted in roughly $170,000 in losses for people exposed to the link.
• Ben.eth deleted the tweet and asked victims to contact him via email to confirm their stolen funds.

Steve Aoki Hacked

On-chain sleuth Zachxbt tweeted on May 26 that hackers had compromised Steve Aoki’s Twitter account to perpetrate a phishing scam using a fake airdrop link for the $PSYOP memecoin. Ben.eth unwittingly quote tweeted the post containing the phishing link thinking it was from the real Steve Aoki — leading to roughly $170,000 in losses for people exposed to the link.

Ben.eth Responds

Victims approached Zachxbt after falling prey to the scam. He quickly raised the alarm and alerted Ben.eth, who immediately deleted the tweet to stop any further losses. Ben.eth responded on Twitter and said he was unaware the account was hacked: “I DID NOT KNOW AOKI WAS HACKED. HOW COULD I?”
Aoki did not make a public statement on the matter and has yet to respond to CryptoSlate’s request for comment as of press time.

Refunds Promised

Ben.eth promised he would refund everyone who lost their funds due to his inadvertent retweet: „If you were scammed – please reach out via [email] …and confirm you had your funds stolen.“ He added that those affected should provide proof of transfer or receipt of ETH from sending it away so he could reimburse them accordingly from his own funds or from donations received from supporters within 24 hours or less (once they’ve been verified).

Falling Prey To Scams

This incident serves as an important reminder never to trust links sent by strangers over social media platforms — no matter how well-meaning they appear at first glance — and always double check URLs before clicking through them or transferring funds anywhere online (even if they appear legitimate).


Cryptocurrency users must remain vigilant when interacting with anything related with digital assets online in order stay safe from scams and thefts like this one perpetrated against unsuspecting victims through Steve Aoki’s Twitter account recently — even if it’s indirectly linked with legitimate projects such as PSYOP’s meme coin launch campaign led by its creator Ben . eth himself earlier this month

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