Oktober 11, 2020

Bitcoins from BitMEX can be marked as „high risk“ in Brazil

Brazilian companies that use Chainalysis services received an alert regarding Bitcoins from BitMEX

Bitcoins from BitMEX, the international exchange of cryptomaps, can be marked as „high risk“ in Brazil by other cryptoactive companies.

Thus, with this type of marking, deposits from Bitcoins in custody at BitMEX can be „locked“ or „refused“ by national companies.

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This may occur because Chainalysis, the blockchain research company, will initiate alert classification for its clients.

This Thursday (08) the company alerted all its clients that it will adopt the alert classification in the cryptoactives coming from BitMEX.

This way, all clients who use Chainalysis KYT’s „Know Your Transaction“ (KYT) solutions received the alert in the system.

The alert will not only work for transactions sent from BitMEX as of October 13th, but will also cover „past“ BitMEX transactions.

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In Brazil, companies such as Banco Topázio, used by Zro Bank, fintech de cryptomoedas, are among Chainalysis‘ clients.

„Any transfer after October 1st should be considered high risk. Compliance teams should also examine older transfers. However, this change will be implemented gradually, as it may trigger alerts about thousands of transfers made in the past,“ says Chainalysis.

However, despite the alert, each company is free to decide whether or not to consider the warning

„But our duty is to protect them from all kinds of risks, including reputational risk,“ Chainalysis said.


The Chainalysis move comes a week after the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) opened a lawsuit against BitMEX.

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In the lawsuit CFTC accuses the company and its owners of operating illegally in the United States.

In the midst of the accusation, letters were issued for the arrest of the BitMEX leaders and one of the founders was eventually arrested.

After the incident, more than 50 thousand Bitcoins were removed from the company and the number of open positions in the exchange fell 16% after the suit was filed.

However, a BitMEX spokesman said that the exchange continues to operate normally including trade operations and withdrawals.

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