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Januar 15, 2021

Los liquidadores del Bitcoin Trading Club de Sudáfrica solicitan mayores poderes de investigación

Colocado bajo liquidación provisional el mes pasado, Mirror Trading había afirmado ser capaz de ofrecer devoluciones del 10% al mes usando bots para comerciar con la moneda del cliente. Los liquidadores provisionales están buscando Los liquidadores provisionales están buscando mayores poderes para investigar una empresa de comercio de criptodólares desaparecida después de que se descubriera […]

Dezember 25, 2020

Arguments of experts to present Bitcoin to loved ones during Christmas

Explaining how easy Bitcoin is to use shouldn’t be a difficult task if we understand that people outside of this technology need easy, digestible answers without too much technical detail. Several experts in the cryptocurrency field have given their opinions on how to convince their friends and family of the usefulness of The News Spy […]

Dezember 19, 2020

„BitcoinTuesday will be one of the largest cryptomoney donation events in history

BitcoinTuesday aligns knowledge of cryptomonies with the public good in this one-day charity event. BitcoinTuesday, scheduled for December 1, aims to become one of the largest cryptomoney fundraisers in history. The Giving Block, a crypto-donation company, has secured partnerships with more than 120 non-profit organisations and 30 blockchain companies to lead BitcoinTuesday – a one-day […]

November 23, 2020

El CEO de Pantera Capital dice que Bitcoin Bull Run es muy sostenible

Él identifica que los inversores tradicionales ahora ven la moneda como una opción de inversión viable. Dan Morehead, un alto ejecutivo de la popular compañía de inversión en criptomonedas Pantera Capital, durante una reciente entrevista de podcast, declaró que el desempeño reciente de los precios de Bitcoin ha superado todas las expectativas. Además, enfatizó que […]

November 9, 2020

Capire la correlazione tra Joe Biden e Bitcoin

Gli appassionati di crittografia hanno decifrato la correlazione tra Joe Biden e Bitcoin per meglio comprendere l’impatto della sua amministrazione sulla crittovaluta. Considerando il suo coinvolgimento minimo con il regno della crittografia, c’è molto meno materiale da analizzare. Tuttavia, è estremamente cruciale collegare i punti per anticipare i possibili effetti delle sue politiche monetarie. Come […]

November 4, 2020

France: Blockchain consulting company EZ joins ADAN

Blockchain EZ joins the Association for the Development of Digital Assets (ADAN). The consulting company notably participated in the creation of Tezos DegiSign The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards. Blockchain consulting firm EZ has announced that it has joined the Association for the Development of Digital Assets […]

Oktober 23, 2020

Regulation is making PayPal’s plans move away from the crypto thought

As it stands now, PayPal’s crypto drive is more about keeping regulators happy than providing crypto services to users. PayPal has confirmed that the company will offer crypto payments on its global platform in the coming months. The launch will begin in the United States, where a conditional PayPal called Bitlicense of the New York […]

Oktober 11, 2020

Bitcoins from BitMEX can be marked as „high risk“ in Brazil

Brazilian companies that use Chainalysis services received an alert regarding Bitcoins from BitMEX Bitcoins from BitMEX, the international exchange of cryptomaps, can be marked as „high risk“ in Brazil by other cryptoactive companies. Thus, with this type of marking, deposits from Bitcoins in custody at BitMEX can be „locked“ or „refused“ by national companies. BitMEX […]

Oktober 6, 2020

Warum Kapitulation das Gebot der Stunde ist

Bitcoin auf $10k-Niveau: Warum Kapitulation das Gebot der Stunde ist Seit dem letzten Höchststand am 18. August 2020 wurden insgesamt 29,85 Milliarden Dollar aus der Marktkapitalisierung von Bitcoin gestrichen. Dieser Rückgang hat zu Spekulationen darüber geführt, ob laut Cryptosoft der laufende Markt bullish ist und wilde Kursschwankungen von BitMEX oder anderen Top-Börsen kommen oder ob […]

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