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März 18, 2023

Silicon Valley Bank Parent Files for Bankruptcy Protection

• Silicon Valley Bank’s parent company, SVB Financial Group, has filed for bankruptcy protection. • The reorganization process aims to preserve company value and explore strategic alternatives with a board-appointed restructuring team. • Customers will be able to access the insured portion of their funds via the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation while Biden administration and […]

März 11, 2023

Cathie Wood Bullish On Bitcoin: It’s a New Asset Class

Cathie Wood Remains Bullish on Cryptocurrencies Cathie Wood, the CEO of ARK Invest, recently spoke about her bullishness on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Lyceum Miami. Wood believes that Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation and has potential to diversify institutional portfolios. Wood also discussed some of the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments including regulatory […]

Februar 23, 2023

NBA Top Shot NFTs Ruled ‚Plausibly‘ Securities in Court Suit

• Judge Victor Marrero has ruled that NBA Top Shot NFTs are likely securities in a case against Dapper Labs. • The ruling cites the Howey Test, which is a Supreme Court ruling used to determine if a transaction constitutes an investment contract. • Dapper Labs has asserted that Flow, its blockchain powering NBA Top […]

Februar 15, 2023

Blur Plummets 84% Following 360M Token Airdrop!

• BLUR’s native token, BLUR, saw a sharp decline of over 84% after its 360 million token airdrop distribution went live. • Early adopters such as traders, care package holders, and creators were able to claim up to 86% of the airdrops. • The total supply of Blur tokens is 3 billion with 51% allocated […]

Januar 30, 2023

Polygon Surges Past BNB Chain in Daily Transactions, MATIC Token Soars 251%

• Polygon, the Ethereum scaling solution, has surpassed BNB Chain in daily transactions according to on-chain data. • Polygon’s daily transactions have remained range bound between 2-4 million per day since October 2022. • MATIC, the native token of the Polygon PoS chain, has risen 251% against the dollar since June 2022. Polygon, the Ethereum […]

Januar 15, 2023

Logan Paul Announces Refund Plan for Troubled CryptoZoo NFT Project

• Logan Paul has announced a three-prong program to refund investors of his troubled CryptoZoo NFT project. • The program involves allowing investors to exit the project and burn their tokens, Paul and his manager Jeff Levin burning their own tokens, and completing and launching the game and marketplace. • Paul also apologized to Coffeezilla, […]

Januar 15, 2023

Bitcoin Breaks $21K: Crypto Market Cap Surpasses $1T

• Bitcoin has broken $21,000, with $245 million of shorts liquidated over the past 24 hours and $255 million of Bitcoin bought on spot markets. • There are no major events that have had an obvious positive effect on investor activity, and the positive anticipation and sentiment toward a Consumer Price Index (CPI) announcement may […]

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