Juni 5, 2023

Rosbank Offers Cross-Border Crypto Payments Despite Ban: Report

• Russia’s Rosbank starts offering cross-border crypto payments despite nationwide ban.
• Kakarot zkEVM secures backing from StarkWare, Vitalik Buterin in pre-seed round.
• Blockchain Association files new amicus brief to support Tornado Cash’s defense.

Russia Offers Cross-Border Crypto Payments

Russia’s Rosbank has started offering cross-border crypto payments, despite the nationwide ban on cryptocurrency transactions. This move is intended to help bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital assets. Kakarot zkEVM also recently secured backing from StarkWare, Vitalik Buterin in a pre-seed round of funding.

China Publishes National Blockchain Standard

China has published its national blockchain standard for enterprises in order to promote the development of the industry and ensure data security and privacy protection. The standard outlines five main areas that need to be addressed when building a blockchain network: security, scalability, interoperability, privacy protection, and sustainability.

Japanese Regulators Warn OpenAI Against Collecting Sensitive Data

Japanese regulators have warned OpenAI against collecting sensitive data in its AI products without taking proper precautions to protect user privacy rights. The company was also urged to make sure that any collected data is securely stored and not used for any other purposes than what it was intended for.

Coinbase Derivatives Exchange Unveils Bitcoin And Ethereum Futures

The Coinbase Derivatives Exchange has unveiled Bitcoin and Ethereum futures contracts for trading on its platform. These will enable users to take both long and short positions on the two largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, allowing them to potentially profit from price movements either upwards or downwards over time.

Blockchain Association Files New Amicus Brief To Support Tornado Cash’s Defense

The Blockchain Association has filed an amicus brief to support CoinCenter’s case defending coin mixer Tornado Cash against potential sanctions by the US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). The association argued that OFAC could only sanction persons or property rather than software such as Tornado Cash which does not belong to any entity; even if its DAO is considered a person according to law.

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