Juni 28, 2023

ZkSync Launches zkStack: Unlocking the Future of Zero-Knowledge Tech

• Nevada is asking for Prime Trust to be put in receivership, with an $82M deficit.
• Robinhood lays off 7% of its workforce on the same day as Cardano, Polygon, and Solana delisting.
• Switzerland seizes $26M tied to Do Kwon, Terra.

Nevada Seeks Receivership of Prime Trust

Nevada has requested that Prime Trust be placed into receivership due to an $82M deficit. EDX Markets reportedly dropped Paxos as its planned custodial partner.

Robinhood Lays Off Employees

On the same day that Cardano, Polygon, and Solana were delisted from the platform, Robinhood laid off 7% of its workforce.

Switzerland Seizes Funds Tied to Do Kwon

Switzerland has seized funds totaling $26M which were allegedly tied to Do Kwon and Terra.

zkSync Launches zkStack

zkSync announced the launch of ZKstack: A major leap for Zero-Knowledge technology. The zkStack is a modular framework designed to serve as a basis for building sovereign ZK-powered chains. It was developed under “fully permissive open source” terms and is free, composable, battle-tested and future-proofed platform.

First Leveraged Bitcoin Futures ETF Opens For Trading On CBOE

The first leveraged Bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund (ETF) opened for trading on CBOE this week – allowing investors access to multiplex exposure to BTC without having direct ownership over it.

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